So, what can you do to create fabulous, earth-shattering copy? Here are a few tips to help nail your content plan. TL;DR Ask me to do it instead – rootswriting@gmail.com

It’s all about you! (Try not to sing McFly, I dare you)

Think about how many times a day you think about yourself. Now, assuming you aren’t a sociopath, I’m imagining that it’s a lot, not ALL the time, but a lot nonetheless. Take this idea and write your copy with a YOU-centric tone; people love to hear about how what you’re offering can benefit them and make them an even more splendid human being. Let’s be honest, most of the time it’s the only thing they’re interested in.

Write copy that focuses on the reader and how you’ll make them happier. Leading your content with this type of direct, persuasive copy will tap into everyone’s inner self-interest.

Getting the tone right

Conversational copy is great and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by writing how you would speak, but leave out the umms, ahhhs and errs. Leaving free-flowing, easy to read text will make your organisation come across as relaxed and open. Throw in a pun here and there, after all, people don’t want to read boring copy. Using personality in your writing can be the difference between someone choosing your services or going elsewhere.

Be ruthless 

When you’re writing copy, you have to ask yourself after every sentence, is this really necessary? Does the sentence you’ve just written add any meaning to your copy or is it a load of superfluous twaddle? If it doesn’t enhance the text then get rid. (I just deleted a lot)

Don’t repeat yourself. Don't Repeat yourself.

So you’ve come up with some messages that are authentic and make your organisation STAND OUT. The next thing you need to do is make sure that these messages sit well within your writing (without using capital letters to make them STAND OUT). If you start to repeat these messages everywhere in your copy then they start to lose their impact and you sound like a parrot. Fresh content is the best content.

Give yourself an edge

Look at the copy your main competitors write and be DIFFERENT. Tell your readers something that they haven’t heard before…it has to be relevant though, don’t tell them about your weird date from Tinder last night. If you can create content that bucks the status quo then this can say something about the way your organisation works.

Think of your copy as a way of having your first conversation with a potential client, HALLO. You need to give a good first impression to create a long lasting one. Copy can be the start of a beautiful relationship, where you’ll skip hand in hand together through a massive, metaphorical field of joy and investing in the words on your website is central to your success and field running career.