Copy shouldn't be boring. This is the number one rule that I live by and will be etched onto my gravestone, along with Beyonce lyrics. If your copy fails to grab the ATTENTION of your reader then what's the point? You want someone to invest in your product/you and if you supply lackluster content then okay, they might buy it but you can be 3274239 times more confident they will if it's engaging.

One of main ways to do this is to prepare a sacrifice to the Copywriting God, but if you're short on time then here are a few simple tips.

  • Write how you speak. Not in a completely literal sense, but in a conversational manner. Using 'don't' instead of do not etc etc, makes your writing flow and sound less formal...which means less stuffy/boring.
  • Use humour. Don't go overboard and try and write a stand-up routine or include any jokes your creepy uncle told you, but inject a bit of light humour. People are more receptive if they find you funny and it makes your copy stand out.
  • Cut out all unnecessary words. Read your copy back and if you've kept in a load of words that add absolutely nothing to the meaning of your piece then get rid. People don't have time to sift through the crap, they won't stick around if it takes 5 years to get to the end of a sentence.