Being a freelancer is tough. It's not all about sleeping in late, spending your day in the pub, being drunk and writing for half an hour and getting paid loads. It's really not. That only happens when you're successful, of course.

In reality, it's more about staring at your inbox and waiting for someone to reply to one of your pretty emails, making copious mugs of coffee and doing some more staring. Here are some tips to help you keep sane.

  • You will get a break! Sometimes it can feel like you've made the worst decision and aren't being productive enough to warrant being freelance. But keep persevering, in reality it's a numbers game. If you cast the net out wide enough then you'll inevitably catch something. Send out pitch emails every day without fail and something WILL come up. 
  • Get out more. It's ESSENTIAL that you have breaks and get out of the house if you're based at home, otherwise you won't feel as positive and it'll show in your writing. Mix up your working environment aswell; go to a coffee shop and work for a couple of hours, it can help. And more coffee sooooo y'know.
  • Give it time. Rome wasn't built in a day and your business sure as hell won't be either, unless you're a wizard. Have some savings behind you and buckle up for the ride, cos you aren't going to start earning substantial amounts straight away, unless you're a wizard.
  • Make yourself some badass playlists to listen to.