Good copy is one of the most important factors to concentrate on when you start your business. Simply because, you have NO clients. Having engaging copy on your website and in your pitches is your first contact with potential clients, so it has to make a big impression. Your clients haven't met you before and you're not on a level playing field with them at the beginning. It's your job to convince them that you're legit. Copy can be the key to unlocking face to face meetings and securing your first clients, because what else do they have to go on? Words are your friend.

Blog posts are a great way to show you're knowledgeable about the latest happenings in your sector and being able to write something interesting about current trends and developments is a must.

  • You need to be dynamic and reactive, so leaving 5 months between every blog post doesn't look good.
  • Try writing a perspective on a topic you haven't seen anywhere else before, that way people might keep coming back for fresh takes on a subject.
  • Write catchy headlines. Throw in a few puns here and there, but not too many as you don't want people to get punned off.
  • Be conversational. People aren't attracted to boring, stuffy copy. Sometimes it helps to imagine you're writing something for people you know.