I'm often asked to look over a company's copy on their website. I come across the same phrases, lingo and focus again and again. It's not surprising, because companies look at what OTHER companies are doing and it creates a cycle of safe copy, where everyone replicates what they think an 'About Us' section should say. But safe copy isn't necessarily effective copy, folks.

In truth, a customer might think it's nice that you have 392801 years of experience and 'A TALENTED AND PASSIONATE TEAM', but it's not the main thing that they're looking for. If you present the benefits of your company to your customer first, there's a stronger chance they'll get hooked. Leading copy with stats like '85% of our customers experienced growth after our social media campaign' is more effective and arresting than waffling on about how you think you're experienced and you can help them with your plethora of skills. Stats like this back up your claims and show what you can do for a customer, which is what they want to know. People want to know what's in it for them.

Brush up on the impact your company has and shout about it. Your website visitors don't know you yet, crafting effective copy is your first chance to impress them. You don't have much time to convince someone to use your services, so grab their attention and keep it.

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