As a freelancer, you get invited to write all sorts of weird shit. It's part of the deal when you sign up.

It keeps you on your toes and strengthens your useless knowledge arsenal for the inevitable eventuality of being a contestant on Pointless one day. It totally will happen, Richard - I'm coming for ya.

There's no problem with writing content that adds something genuinely valuable to 'the conversation' (not sure who's having it or where, but it's happening). But when brands want content written for content's sake and churn it out like there's no tomorrow, it ends up having an adverse effect.

Content should take note of arguably the world's most creative institution, the BBC - it seeks to inform, educate and entertain with every piece of its output.

The same goes for cracking content. Take a look at what you've written - is it useful for a reader? Does it repackage a difficult concept and make it clear? Will your audience be engaged?

Concentrate on a content strategy that's confident, savvy and cuts through the rest of the crap online.

Let me help: