5 Quick Digital Strategies for your Biz

Having a collection of logical steps to implement in your B2B strategies might sound inflexible and a compromise to your Gung-ho approach, but hey, you can't always neglect the boring stuff.

By all means, change the names of your logical steps to something less dry - steppy mcstepface, anyone?

Firstly, before you start anything, you need to think about your current context. Using keyword research, competitor analysis and customer persona profiling you can stop and take stock of where you are now and what steps you need to take next.

So, after you've done a bit of research, here are 5 quick digital strategy tips for your small biz:


Come up with some simple, attainable goals that you can work towards with your strategy. The most important part of this is ensuring that you can measure your goals - having weird, over-arching and abstract goals e.g world peace, means that you won't really ever know if you've achieved them or not.


Whatever your goals are - try to work backwards and decide which marketing tools and techniques you're going to employ to meet your objectives. Think about your funnel (why does that always sound seedy?!) and start strategizing.


Make sure your team is on board with your plans and delegate elements of your strategy to team members. Use editorial calendars and management tools (Trello etc) to keep on top of things.


Look at your budget and be realistic about the platforms you're going to use for your digital strategy. You won't have infinite resources (unless you're a wizard) so take action that will give you the best ROI and is time-sensitive to your sutuation.


Maintain a level of control over your strategy. You don't want it running away by itself and you don't want to create a monster, so put tools in place to control your strategy. Use and decide on metric that will give you info and insight into how your strategy is progressing and don't be afraid to make tweaks if your data is suggesting you do so.