WARNING: This is just me chatting shit about how much it sucks to be a freelancer sometimes. If you do end up working with me, please shower me with puppies, kittens and niceness. 

So, the nucleus of this post is this: you build and psych yourself up when you're a freelancer, cos hey - there's no-one else there to do it for you and my god, you can knock yourself down when things go wrong.

If you work in an office you've got (hopefully) nice colleagues to collaborate with, share ideas with and they can also tell you which ones to never repeat again. 

But me? I'm just sitting here writing stuff and I make all of my own decisions. I am the CEO, HR, the cleaner...I'm everyone. I snog myself at the office parties.

When I get vaguely constructive criticism, there's no-one else to share the burden of embarrassment with or secretly blame. It's me taking in everything and feeling it all too. The negatives are really bad and the praise feels fucking great.

What's the answer? I don't know, wear an extra jumper so I have a thicker skin I guess. But also, if you're an agency working with freelancers, Jesus Christ - give us a shit sandwich, instead of just negatives. It's tough out here.