I've got something to tell you. You might not like it, it might be a surprise and it might be in stark contrast to what your Mum tells you.

It isn't all about you.

There, I said it. I'm sorry, but it's the truth. So, why are so many website's just a great big pat-on-the-back for the brand involved? 

'We have 4924028432101 years of experience', 'Look at this fecking MASTERPIECE we created!'

Yes, experience, portfolios and testimonials are useful, but they're useful when they back up something more you're going to make a customer's life better.

Leading your copy with direct, actionable ways that your service can solve a customer's problem and make their life easier is the bit they're looking out for. Your website is your chance to grab attention and show that a customer needs you.

Give stats, specific examples and focus on the customer.

Then everything else comes afterwards - stuff about you and your experience is the sweet background noise, customer focused copy is the star.