You're too close to your brand. You've nurtured it, watched it grow, you've set it free and now it's toddled out into the big wide world. Blood, sweat, tears and a busted gut got your brand to this point. You live, breath and talk the hell out of your brand every single day - sometimes it's hard to see GLARING issues with your website and copy. You've been totally immersed in your brand, you're down the rabbit hole and it's tough to be objective.

Apparently you've got 10 seconds to engage your reader with an attractive value proposition. GO GO GO. Basically, you have to quickly get across what you'll do to make a customer's life 10x better. The good thing about being a freelancer (apart from my intimate knowledge of daytime tv) is that we can look at your brand and website with a fresh pair of peepers. We can help you to communicate compelling reasons to stay on a page or to take action. You have to make the most of those 10 seconds. Decisions are made quickly.

You're obviously talented and building a brand is a massive achievement, but you're not a copywriter. It's impossible to be good at everything (unless you're Hermione Granger), so letting a freelance copywriter use creative conversion copywriting to elicit an emotional response (I promise it won't be disgust) and make more sales just...makes sense.

You wouldn't do your plumbing yourself...I don't know, maybe you would, but if you want a happy, relaxing life without sticking your head in your toilet then you wouldn't. Copywriting is a specialist skill, so getting someone involved who has fresh perspectives and can shake things up a bit could be exactly what your brand needs.

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