So, yesterday I celebrated International Women's Day like I do every year - by doing whatever the hell I like. Solidarity sisters!

I'm a massive feminist and I'm privileged to be surrounded by kickass women in my life, who fight and defy sexism at every turn. We'll never give up and we sure as hell won't shut up.

Now more than ever, we see brands leaping on the news and current events, so they can spin a marketing opportunity out of it.

Which is ok, when it's relevant and you show a commitment to tackling these things on other days of the year.

It's fantastic that year on year, International Women's Day becomes a bigger and more vibrant showcase of fabulous women everywhere. But when brands try and piggyback on this, but don't do anything to help women on the other 364 days of the year, it narks me.

If you're a brand that wants to get involved with social causes, you have to put in the groundwork. Yeah you've come up with a hashtag or a pretty Instagram post, but what are you really doing to change things?

When it comes to sexism; how many women are on your board? Are the women in your company being paid as much as the guys? What's your maternity/paternity package like? Do you encourage the women in your company to take on senior roles? Do you develop the female talent in your company? ETC ETC ETC.

There are loads more things to ask, but these are the types of actionable, direct things we really want to see happening behind your Twitter platitudes and your Facebook statuses.