A month ago I wrote about how bored I am of mean-girls-style copywriters digging out other writers' copy on social media, mainly on Twitter.

Personally, I think tweeting and sharing copy you think's terrible isn't very classy or supportive and ultimately, you're probably just doing it for the virtual pat on the back.

Well, Christmas appears to be no different and the season of good cheer doesn't seem to apply when copywriters spot some 'awful' copy. There are a few hashtags on Twitter that fellow writers use to have a natter, but they often turn into pile ons where people laugh at bad copy.

To put a Christmas spin on things, I noticed a bingo card for overused Christmas puns that's going around. This usually descends into people sharing adverts and copy with the offending 'overused' phrases and puns.

I'm stumped. I'm struggling to imagine a world of varied, creative Christmas puns. It might just be me, but I'm not bothered that I see the same Rudolph based jokes in ads every year. Seasonal content should be interesting, but isn't Christmas about being a bit cheesy and predictable anyway? That's part of the nostalgia. I mean, it doesn't really change much. IT'S THE SAME EVERY YEAR. Mince pies, Father Christmas, family arguments - you get the picture.

Come on, pick your battles and don't be a Scrooge.

Berating writers because they use obvious, tinsel-ridden puns is just pretentious, in my book.  In fact, I'd go as far saying it makes you a jingle bellend.