I'm a very proud Coventrian today. We've only gone and won the UK City of Culture 2021 bid *high fives the cold Coventry air*. This vibrant, scrappy, innovative city can show everyone that ACTUALLY it's not all bad being sent to Coventry after all.

I was born and raised here, with the natural Cov spirit to come with it - mainly an unhealthy level of self-deprecation for comic effect. It'll probably be a shock to the system that we've actually won something great and we have to embrace it on a mass scale. We're so used to being told it's a crap place, apologising that you live here to uni friends and that you don't really want to move to London (IT'S AN HOUR AWAY ON THE TRAIN, LET ME BE). 

But I think it'll be a good learning curve for the city and maybe it'll help us to accept that we're a lovely place too.

It'll be fantastic for the creative industries in the city and I'm certainly going to do my fair share of cheer leading. Now we won't just be known as the place the cat bin lady lives and for having the most depressing football team of all time.

Come on Cov, let's gloat a bit.