Okay, it's been just over a week since the general election results rocked the UK. Everyone is still in shock at the clusterfuck of epic proportions that we're all unwilling players in. 

So, I'll be the first to admit that Corbz isn't my fave person, but there's no doubt about it - IN THE CONTEXT, he did a great job. In part because of how appalling Theresa May was. I've spoken about her personality politics before...or lack of.

I've also spoken about brand image in politics and how bizarrely, May was unscathed for most of her tenure because all she spoke about was Brexit and that hasn't even kicked off yet. She managed to have disciplined brand messaging - she stuck to the script, she stuck to Brexit and she stayed away from the media. This worked when she wasn't in campaign mood.

Once she called the election, everrrrrrything changed. She took a gamble and made a presidential-style campaign fall on her shoulders. The trouble is that she wanted to keep the strict brand discipline style that she's used in leadership. She didn't engage with voters, didn't engage in debate on tv and it really hurt her. She didn't look open or authentic.

Enter, Mr Corbyn. He started off with abysmal poll ratings that have stuck around him for the last couple if years. Voters remember a first impression and it's difficult to shake off. But something strange happened - Corbyn made himself accessible and honest. His brand of warm, Werther's Original struck a chord with people looking for a different kind of politics. And he also became super popular with youth voters and first time voters. He sort of became a parody of himself and used humour and authenticity to shape his image. Massive rallies up and down the country were tokens of his inclusive style.

What's happened - T.May is on the decline and Corbyn is on the march. Brand image is crucial and voters crave authenticity more than ever before.