It's the hottest thing to hit this summer since your sunburn and Love Island has been nothing short of a tv phenomenon - trash at its very, very best. Have you been grafting? Put all your eggs in one basket? But, was it your type...ON PAPER?

You're bantering if you've not watched it and there's lots to learn from this television masterclass. I'm a self-confessed reality tv addict. It's the perfect antidote to political turmoil and the best way to outsource your drama and gossip all in one place and channel your inner nosey parker.

Let's get this over with straight away. I'm a Camilla Thurlow superfan and it was a truly joyful, ethereal experience watching this badass Scottish, feminist-icon, explosive ordnance disposal expert subvert the reality tv genre FOREVER. She stormed into 2nd place, with a beauitful book-discussing Calvin Klein model in tow and was unapologetically herself and real. SCREW YOU JONNY.

It just so happened that Cam's social channels were on point too. The friends manning her account had the best digital strategy by far and there are loads of brand identity tips amongst the gifs and memes. The main Love Island and ITV 2 accounts created fantastically shareable content too.

Behind the Scenes

Offer extra, exclusive content for your audiences and show them behind-the-scenes perspectives to build excitement and brand loyalty. This helps build more of a brand personality too. Showing the islanders doing 'normal' things and stuff you didn't see on the main show gave new dimensions to their narratives. More photos of Mon eating snacks please!

If your brand can cut the corporate crap for a minute and show footage or visuals behind product launches or your team letting loose etc then it injects a bit more fun into your image.

The official Love Island account would religiously post a teaser snippet for the night's show at around 2 pm everyday which was a great way to build excitement too. It's 1.49 pm right now and I'm lost.

Interact with other Influencers

The Love Island accounts and contestant accounts were really effective when they interacted with each other. Cross-promoting and posting content that included other influencers was really cute. I.e Cam and Harley's accounts posting about porridge-gate and Cam and Gabby sticking together through thick and thin. Cam's account also interacted with celeb fans outside the show like Olivia Buckland and Scarlett Moffatt.

One of the best examples was how the show capitalized on celebrity engagement with the Love Island brand and brought in Stormzy for an episode. It got fans talking and was great PR for Stormzy - hands up if you listened to his album again on Spotify the next day *punches air*

This is a great way to boost engagement and reach - it creates more relationships and strengthens credentials. Your brand can do this with other brands in your area and team up on campaigns.

Live Updates

Everything changed so quickly in Love Island that it was pretty crucial that contestant accounts gave live updates and followed the show with content as it happened. Cam's account was great at this and live-tweeted pretty much every night, so all their gifs, content and Cam insight was up-to-date. Other accounts weren't as on the ball which means they have to play catch up and don't create as strong a following for contestants when they leave.

Your brand will benefit from keeping up-to-date and posting relevant content to do with big events in your industry or offering commentary on topical, trending subjects i.e Love Island!

Chat to your Audience

Lots of the contestants' accounts were really good at chatting to fans, getting them involved and building loyalty towards people in the villa. And this is what your brand should be doing - it helps you to learn about your customers, build relationships and add value. Offer special giveaways, discounts etc to encourage more interaction.

Create Funny, Shareable Content

The best thing about the whole show was probably the amazing crowd-sourced content on Twitter. The amount of hilarious gifs and memes to come from the show will stay in my phone's memory forever. I just can't let go. The main accounts and contestant accounts were really funny and lots of content was on point and lol-worthy.

If you want your audience to share and engage with your content then using humour is one of the most effective ways to produce eye-catching posts that cut through the rest of the noise on social channels.