The biggest lesson I've learnt as a writer is: less is more.

*I could end this post here for added effect*

It really is. I used to positively delight in writing long, flowery sentences with about 189 adjectives in each one. My life has been one big exercise in cutting down massive sentences.

Sometimes I worry that  in a few years, we'll all just communicate through emojis. I mean, look at 2016 and last week -  it's been tempting to solely use the poo emoji. But no, we need words, we just don't need bajillions of them when we're marketing.

When people want to buy a product, they need fast, clear info with an impact. BOOM. You really don't have too much time to work with. Especially if people are viewing your site on their mobile. They're probably just about to walk into a lamppost. 

Short sentences. Actionable, direct language. YOU THERE, BUY THIS...or something similar. You get the sentiment - cut down the fluff and waffle and have crisp copy that says what it means and means what it says.

Or I'll do it:


You've got one. I've got one. We've all got one (apart from Father Paul Stone from Father Ted). Yep, I'm talking about a personality.

There are so many ways that you can bring personality-driven copy into your brand's marketing strategy. Even basic stuff like making your copy more conversational.

The first rule? Write how you speak. Keep out the 'errmms' and 'ummms' and try to recreate a natural, easy-going tone of voice.

Try reading your copy out loud and if you sound like a darlek or a corporate instruction video then try changing your language around...or should I say exterminate (sorry) unnecessary words. 

Using simple, clear language makes your brand sound accessible. Lofty, complex syntax might sound impressive in a dissertation, but most people just want to know what your brand's all about. If potential customers can't tell quickly what you do and what you're offering then they'll move on.

Conversational, personality-driven copy and content works really well with social media marketing. Social media platforms are fast-paced and relaxed. They give your brand the chance to let your hair down and engage with customers.

The people behind your brand can be your best asset, so let them have a bit of fun on social media and create blog posts and copy that captures the imagination, or raises a chuckle.

My most majestic, important and influential tip is to hire a freelance creative copywriter from Coventry called Laura Cooper to get involved and write your own personality-driven copy. I mean, it's really the only alternative. It's an alternative fact.

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