You're too close to your brand. You've nurtured it, watched it grow, you've set it free and now it's toddled out into the big wide world. Blood, sweat, tears and a busted gut got your brand to this point. You live, breath and talk the hell out of your brand every single day - sometimes it's hard to see GLARING issues with your website and copy. You've been totally immersed in your brand, you're down the rabbit hole and it's tough to be objective.

Apparently you've got 10 seconds to engage your reader with an attractive value proposition. GO GO GO. Basically, you have to quickly get across what you'll do to make a customer's life 10x better. The good thing about being a freelancer (apart from my intimate knowledge of daytime tv) is that we can look at your brand and website with a fresh pair of peepers. We can help you to communicate compelling reasons to stay on a page or to take action. You have to make the most of those 10 seconds. Decisions are made quickly.

You're obviously talented and building a brand is a massive achievement, but you're not a copywriter. It's impossible to be good at everything (unless you're Hermione Granger), so letting a freelance copywriter use creative conversion copywriting to elicit an emotional response (I promise it won't be disgust) and make more sales just...makes sense.

You wouldn't do your plumbing yourself...I don't know, maybe you would, but if you want a happy, relaxing life without sticking your head in your toilet then you wouldn't. Copywriting is a specialist skill, so getting someone involved who has fresh perspectives and can shake things up a bit could be exactly what your brand needs.

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You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘content is king’ floating around - it’s a slogan that’s been buzzing about in marketing circles for the last few years. It's pretty annoying.

But it makes sense.

Without content – other parts of the communication mix would be pretty useless.

What do we mean by that?

Well, SEO strategists would be sat twiddling their thumbs with nothing to optimize; links used on social channels wouldn't signpost to anything; users would be fruitlessly searching for content with specific keywords and receiving no answers; Google wouldn’t have any content to crawl through and index.

Content is the constant theme that runs throughout most marketing activities.

And don’t just take our word for it. The Content Marketing Institute found that 88% of marketers use content marketing and plan to increase their budget in the future.

Tell us more about content

Content stretches across all channels and platforms – it’s product descriptions, infographics, blog posts. Basically, content is anything that gets your a message across to an audience. And content marketing is about creating and sharing quality content that delivers value.

Creating truly engaging content involves grabbing the attention of your audience and compelling them to take the next step in their customer journey. HubSpot carried out research and found that brands that published 16+ quality blog posts per month received 3.5x more traffic than those that published 0-4 monthly posts.

Good content works!

How does it work?

When you’ve worked on your content strategy and defined your audience you can figure out who your content needs to speak to;

  • Who are they? Where are they?
  • Where do they hang out online? What platforms/channels do they use?
  • What/who influences their purchasing decisions?

Knowing your audience is a key part of content marketing and then you can work on developing the best tone, topics, length, relevance and format.

Once you start creating your content - your brand will enjoy lots of benefits:

  • You can build brand awareness and give your customers a reason to talk about your brand if they share and pass on your content. A survey by Clutch found this was 49% of content marketers’ top priority.
  • It helps to start relationships with your audience - who you can engage and interact with through your content and discussions around your content too.
  • Your brand can develop more authority in your area of expertise. Great content can build trust with customers who will look to your brand for advice.
  • Effective content will drive traffic towards your website.
  • If you’re consistently producing brilliant content then the gods at Google will take note and flag your site higher in search rankings for relevant queries.
  • Content based around your products and services can lead to an increase in direct conversion rates.

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Because I like to bring politics into EVERYTHING, I want to give a little example of how brands matter and illustrate it by putting a big dollop of political chat on everything.

I'm one of the remoaning liberal elite, living in my impenetrable bubble and dealing in silly things like facts and evidence. So, Theresa May ain't my bae. But what she has done, in the face of the most challenging post-war period ever, is somehow position herself as a safe pair of hands.

EVEN though she's not doing a good job; she's actually doing a pretty poor one so far. She's lurching to the right and giving bizarre little Eurosceptic fanatics like John Redwood and Bill Cash their dream Brexit ticket and Farage even more reasons to have a pint in his hand and a big grin. All for the sake of party unity, instead of hmmm I don't know...THE ECONOMY?

Anyway there's something about Theresa May that communicates thoughtfulness, level-headedness and a sensible approach - when her Brexit/Trump actions are far from it. Her brand appears strong at the moment, so she can take the UK in ludicrous directions without much flack, because her brand is trusted by the public.

So she can also take Ed Miliband's (Milibae) 2015 manifesto policies, nab what she likes and present them as Tory ideas - without being branded a mad, bad leftie nutter. Her brand is allowing her to do this.

Now over on the other side, we've got old Jezza Corbyn. Now, the less said about him the better, but he completely epitomises the damage a bad brand can do.

First impressions are so important in politics and Corbyn has done little in his tenure to turn his brand around. Apart from the disastrously similar 'Corbyn re-brand' since January, where nothing appears to have changed at all.

Staunch Labour voters can't stomach him, let alone floating voters. His brand is bad - his communications team are abysmal and Labour are tanking in the polls. Labour is teetering on the edge of something awful and with Corbyn at the steering wheel, the future doesn't look pretty.

People made up their mind about Corbyn early on and since that there's been a catalogue of errors and gaffes to harden their views. When Corbyn suggests similar policies to Miliband's 2015 effort, his brand makes him look like a dogged socialist, stuck in the 1980s.

Labour are being held back by brand Corbyn - time for a complete re-invention.

Basically, your brand matters and you're held back if it's not effective. Your stories won't resonate with people and your messages are lost when your brand is weak.