Personality-driven copy is good at telling a story; it cuts through jargon, elicits an emotional response and keeps people entertained. I know how to write in this style and I can back it up.

What's my niche? I'll write whatever you want, but a couple of things I'm particularly nifty at are: digital marketing content (latest trends etc) comedy content and sociological content (we're talking political stuff, social causes, socio-economic shiz).

There's a lot of shoddy copy out there, so standing out from the crowd with approachable content means that you can generate leads, drive traffic to your website and not sound like a stuffy, corporate robot in the process.

Whether you're a digital marketing agency that needs an extra hand with your blog or your clients need fresh content ideas...*WAVES*.

ULTIMATE NUTSHELL: Copywriting is a cost-effective way to inspire instant confidence in your brand. Boom.



  • I've collaborated with loads of Digital/Creative Marketing agencies and businesses to create quality content and have been copywriting for 4 years.
  • I've worked with brands like Carphone Warehouse, Foxy Bingo and Hawkin's Bazaar.
  • I’m a credited comedy writer and I've worked with the BBC, writing for TV and Radio. You can trust me with personality-driven content.
  • I've worked for the UK Arts and Higher Education sectors in Communications roles.
  • I'm a creative at heart and I'm a keen, young whipper-snapper.
  • I write all of my own content and it’s original and I'm based in the UK, Coventry (probably the first time anyone's put Coventry in bold).
  • I've created content for my own music/pop culture blogs and interviewed Isy Suttie (Dobby from Peep Show), Alex HorneReal Estate, Gold Panda and White Denim to name but a few (a few hipster points gained).
  • I have a first class honours degree from the University of Warwick in Sociology and a specialism in Cultural Studies (I’ve written millions* of essays).
  • Oh and J.K Rowling (aka Queen of the Universe) favourited one of my tweets once. It's not relevant but I just wanted to put it somewhere.

*millions is a loose estimate.